//Cannot login to cockpit

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    Cannot login to cockpit

    devmails@web.de – 26. March 2021, 18:13 h


    I just setup the VM for the free cloudogu version. I also changed the password i.e. I can login on the VM bash console with user name and password (the new one). However, I cannot login on the web frontend of "cockpit". I always get a "invalid credentials" response in return :(

    Does anyone have a clue here?

    Best regards, devmails

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    robertauer – 29. March 2021, 06:41 h


    Maybe you tried to log into the web frontend with the same credentials as the VM bash console. This will not work. If you want to log into the web frontend you need the credentials you declared in the "Admin" page of the setup. You assigned an admin username and a password there.

    I hope this will help :)



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    devmails@web.de – 29. March 2021, 07:24 h

    Hi @robertauer,

    thanks for your reply - Nonetheless, is there any way to reset this password via command line? I could use this admin login you mentioned for changing it in the console, however I have lost it now (deleted the note). Otherwise, I have to redo the whole installation procedure? :-/

    Best, devmails

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    robertauer – 29. March 2021, 09:52 h

    Unfortunately, there is no way to reset it via command line. I think you have to set up a new machine and run the setup again :/ Please make sure to write down the username and password you set in the "Admin" section of the setup (these will be your frontend/browser login credentials) and the credentials shown at the end of the setup (these will be your SSH/console credentials).