//Running Cloudogu on Proxmox VE

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    Running Cloudogu on Proxmox VE

    sbiallas – 07. August 2021, 13:10 h


    wondering if you might help me to run a Cloudogu VM on a Proxmox VE server. As my laptop memory is quite limited and the Cloudogu VM stresses my PC a lot, I got the idea to move the Cloudogu VM running in VitualBox on my laptop to my Proxmox server. As that one has plenty of ram and cpus, that system is a better place to run the Cloudogu Ecosystem. So far, the Ecosystem ran more or less in test state. But as I more and more really using it - especially the SCM Manager and Jenkins - I want to run it on my centralized VM env.

    Now, how to import the Cloudugo image into Proxmox? May I ask for some help, how to let it run or install on it? Or as an alternative, how to move from VirtualBox to Proxmox VE? Really appreciate your help.

    Many thanks and best regards, Sascha

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    froy – 09. August 2021, 08:11 h

    Hey Sascha,

    we have launched a new forum for the community. Unfortunately, we have transferred a state before your posting and this has therefore not been transferred. Would you be willing to ask your question again in our new forum?

    You can find the category for SCM-Manager here

    Best regards


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