//Welcome to myCloudogu!

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    Welcome to myCloudogu!

    kilian.lampe@cloudogu.com – 05. March 2020, 15:18 h

    Hello and welcome to the service platform for your Cloudogu EcoSystem: myCloudogu!

    Feel free to post your questions, problems and opinions about the EcoSystem here inside the community forum. We appreciate every input and try to get back at you as soon as we can. Within your postings you can make use of the markdown syntax to optimize the appearance of your content. A cheat sheet with the correct usage for the Cloudogu Community will be released soon.

    When posting feature requests, please make sure to use the voting function on your topic to give other community members the chance of saying "Yeah, I want that feature!" or "No, I don't like this" besides of participating in an extra reply. Also, starting the topic title with "[Feature Request] ..." may increase our attention on your topic and therefore contributes in keeping the topic section structured.

    So if there is anything on your mind regarding the Cloudogu EcoSystem or its outer space, let us know about it right here – inside the community forum at myCloudogu.

    We all here at Cloudogu are looking forward to your feedback!

    Kilian Lampe
    Product Owner myCloudogu
    Cloudogu GmbH

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